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~HPFF Forum Rules/Guidelines~

Welcome to the harrypotterfanfiction.com (HPFF) Forums.  The primary purpose of this board is to promote reading, writing, and discussing Harry Potter, Harry Potter fanfiction, and writing in general.  We aim to be a friendly and safe site for all our users.  In addition to the Site Rules and Terms of Service (ToS), you are expected to observe the following forum rules.

  • Do not give out or ask for any personal information.  This includes, but is not limited to:  address, telephone number, location (regions or densely populated areas may be acceptable), school, age, and images of yourself or that are of a personal nature.

  • All content posted should be suitable for teens (rated at 15+ by HPFFs system).
    • Words from the Mature section of the Profanity Tutorial are not permitted.  Censoring them with symbols or acronyms is still considered swearing.

  • Respect your fellow members.  Rudeness, harassment, or abuse toward staff or other members is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to:  racist or otherwise discriminatory remarks, threats of harm, NC-17 or otherwise inappropriate material, and material that breaks any law or is otherwise unacceptable.

  • No spamming.  This includes, but is not limited to:  creating redundant topics, making posts that dont contribute to the thread, overuse of text talk, and abusing the PM system by sending out chain letters or mass unsolicited PMs.
    • Double posting is permitted within reason at staff discretion.  Do not double post within your 30 minute edit window.

  • All offsite links must be rated according to HPFFs rating system (12+, 15+, or M).
    • Links that lead elsewhere on the forums or archives or to The Dark Arts (TDA) or Potter's World (PW) do not need a rating.
    • Links to sites including YouTube, Twitter, tumblr, and other similar sites are permitted provided they contain no personal information or inappropriate material.
    • Do not link to Harry Potter stories except those posted on HPFFs archives.
    • Staff will use their discretion in determining if a site is allowed.  Disallowed sites includes:  Facebook, ff.net and other adult rated fanfiction sites.

  • Signature rules:  Your signature may not exceed 300 pixels in height, including text.  The cumulative dimensions of all images may not exceed 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.  For examples, please see the Signature Rules thread.

  • Snippets of unvalidated material may be posted in relevant areas.  Snippets must be under 250 words and rated 15+ or lower.
    • No round robins (threads or games in which each post continues a story).
    • Poetry and flash fiction may be removed at staff discretion.

  • Only prefects and staff are permitted to share passwords to the Common Rooms.

  • Do not use alternate accounts to get around the rules.

  • Many sections of the forums have rules governing their use.  You are expected to adhere to those in addition to these general rules.

If you have an issue with something posted on the forums, report it to the staff. There is a report button at the bottom of every post. If you wish to report something anonymously, send a trouble ticket by clicking here.

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