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~HPFF Forum Rules/Guidelines~

These forums have been set up with the main purpose of discussing Harry Potter and harrypotterfanfiction.com. If you need to discuss something unrelated to either of these two subjects, please move it to The Off Topic section. Please remember to keep all discussion, posts, blogs, and images rated at 12+ (suitable for children 12 and older).

Do not give out or ask for any personal information on the forums, including, but not limited to, your age, address, school, or telephone number. This also includes not sharing any images that may be deemed to be of a personal nature or could cause you to be recognised. Do not share your city/town (unless it is a very large city, such as London or Tokyo). Do not arrange to meet anyone over these forums. Anyone found to be doing this will have their account deleted.

Abusive posting, such as posting pornographic, racist or otherwise discriminatory remarks, threats of harm, material that breaks any law or is otherwise totally unacceptable, and posts or links to pages that contain inappropriate material will not be tolerated.Please respect your fellow members. Rudeness, harassment, or abuse towards any member of the forums or staff is prohibited.

No swearing. There is a time and a place, and that place is not here, which is rated 12+ and dedicated to Harry Potter. Note that posting a single letter plus several asterisks (*) or other symbols following it to simply indicate swearing constitutes swearing as well. Swearing with acronyms is also prohibited. Any words found in the 15+ or M profanity tutorials but NOT in the
12+ profanity tutorial are not permitted in public areas of the site.

No spamming. Spamming can be described as posting non-essential, off-topic, one-word or even empty posts, and multiple topics that already exist or are similar in nature to already existing topics. Read the entire thread before posting. If the question has been answered, replying with another opinion is spam. If you're not aiding the discussion or providing talking points, don't reply. If all you're doing is interjecting your own thought without anything for someone else to comment on, it's spam. If you're unsure if it's spam or not, take the safe routeóDON'T POST.

No double posting. Double posting is making two or more consecutive posts. Doing this does not give others adequate time to reply. There is an edit button available for 30 minutes. Edit your original post rather than make a new one. If your edit window has expired, you can request an edit

No avid posting (posting in such quick succession that it becomes a conversation between just a few members and makes the topic pointless and unreadable to anyone else who encounters it).

Spamming of the PM system by sending out chain letters, mass unsolicited PMs, or things of that nature is also prohibited.

No linking to or sharing of unvalidated material (including poetry) except where allowed (such as the short, 12+ snippets allowed in the Previews thread.)

No round robins (topics or games in which each post continues a story or other piece of writing).

Members can only enter the common rooms of the House they belong to. Members are not allowed to create multiple accounts to obtain the password to more than one common room, nor is it permitted to switch houses for the purpose of obtaining all the passwords. Only prefects are permitted to dispense passwords.

Using multiple accounts to get around rules is not permitted.

Signatures must be of the
appropriate size, and images and text must be rated 12+. For more on signatures, please see this thread.

Topics/content about graphics or TDA should be posted there, not here at HPFF.

Members are permitted to create one blog. A copy of the blog rules can be viewed here.

Plagiarism and the posting of copyrighted material is prohibited, unless that copyright is owned by you. All material you did not create (including images) should be credited, whether it is copyrighted or not.

Regular forum rules regarding content, linking, and spamming apply to status updates as well.

Do not use text talk. This is a forum based on Harry Potter, not MSN. Repeat offenders of this rule will have forum privileges removed. (The odd use of "lol" or similar is not an issue.)

USE THE REPORT BUTTON (bottom right of all posts). If you have an issue with a post, please report it to the staff.

FORUM linking rules:
-You may not link to sites that contain NC-17 material or otherwise violate our Terms of Service.
-You must include a rating (12+, 15+, or M) next to ALL links. Links to public areas of HPFF are understood to be 12+, but it's always best to include a rating. Example: BitterEpiphany's Author Page [12+]

-Linking to or pushing sites that promote the sharing of personal information is not allowed. These include, but are not limited to: formspring, facebook, you.tube, and twitter (only staff are permitted to link to twitter).
-You may link to personal websites, quizzes, etc., provided the content is not of an NC17 nature and does not contain any personal information. Topics, posts, blogs, and threads advertising sites are never permitted.
-Any offsite linking being used as a way to share unvalidated material/stories with content we do not accept on this site is not allowed.
-Linking to other Harry Potter archives is not allowed. You may link to other original fiction/fanfiction archives as long as the content is neither NC17 in nature or contains any personal information.
-The staff reserve the right to remove any links without prior notice if they feel the sites they redirect to do not comply with our site rules.

We aim to be a friendly and safe site for all our users. If you need guidance on internet safety, we recommend you visit Safekids.com or safeteens.com. Both sites offer advice on safety on the net for younger users.

When asking a question, it's a good idea to check and make sure that it's not answered by the FAQs, Terms of Service (ToS), or Site Rules. If you have something you wish to disclose privately or anonymously to the staff, please send in a trouble ticket by clicking here.

Finally, read staff messages. Read the rules. Read the entire "new users start here" section. Read the rules in each section of the forums. There is no excuse not to. This forum is to be used to discuss fanfiction and Harry Potter. Before you joined the forum you agreed to its terms and conditions. If you decide not to abide by these conditions, your account here will be terminated.