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Posted by NaidatheRavenclaw , 15 April 2012 · 329 views

Also known as, Naida was too lazy to come up with a title for this blog.

What is this blog?

This blog is commanding you suggesting to go and read some awesome stories (credit to Snapdragons for the idea :D)

Without further ado (and also because I have a tendency to write long winded introductions)

1. The Story that I've Been Stalking for Updates:
And Now A Word From Our Sponsors (M) by TenthWeasleyWriter: Jane is writing an absolutely hilarious Rose/Scorpius. Her style is just perfect, and her Rose has to be one of my favorite characters of all time. I garauntee clutching-your-sides-unable-to-breathe laughing if you read this.

2. The Story that Made Me Cry:
Of Words and Weeping (15+) by TheGoldenKneazle: I love Romione. It's one of my OTPs. But Lottie has written quite possibly the most beautiful Romione one shot I have ever read. The way the words flow in this, coupled with her spot on characterization of Hermione, left me with tears in my eyes at the end.

3. The Story that Caught Me By Surprise:
Diamonds into Coal (M) by academica: I'm not a huge fan of Founders era fics. But if anyone could write one that I love, it's Amanda. The style of this is so perfect for the time period, but also not difficult to read. Not to mention the beautiful writing. The imagery in this is some of the best I've ever seen.

4. The Most Unusual (but still completely awesome):
Pride and Pestilence (15+) by Violet Gryffindor: Susan is probably one of the most legendary authors on the site, and she has not fallen short with this. It's a ScoRose, yes, but it's set in Jane Austen's England, which somehow works perfectly when she writes it. It's both witty and romantic, a must read for Rose/Scorpius shippers!

5. And A Plug for my Fellow Ravenclaws:
The Divide that Corrupts Us (15+) is our House collab, and we're just one chapter away from finishing it. For those of you that don't know, our collab is unusual because it's not just a collection of one shots: It's a fully fleshed out story with a plot and a great message. There's some beautiful writing in it, showing off the talents of a lot of different Claws, and it really is well worth a read.

So if you're looking for something to read, check out one of these ^_^ They will not disappoint!


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You're so sweet, thank you! :) I have to plug for Pride & Pestilence, too. It really should be getting more attention with all the Rose/Scorpius shipping I've seen around here, because it's such a unique spin on the story. And we all love Susan's writing!
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Apr 16 2012 04:41 PM
I agree with the plugs for all these stories! They're really brilliant (*hint* check out the Ravenclaw collab everyone! *hint*)
:wub: (Naida- I'm completely in awe of the original blog title :p)
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