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Happy Anniversary HPFF :)

Posted by tell_me_what_the_truth_is , 07 February 2012 · 660 views

So, this is my first entry of 2012. I was going to do a recap/resolution blog a few weeks back but life got a bit busy and I forgot.

Anyway, I'm not actually going to blog about that now either. My thoughts are currently on HPFF's 11th anniversary and my upcoming 5th later in the year. I've been clearing out my inbox today and although a lot of my old PMs were deleted a long time ago, I always keep a certain few PMs in my inbox for sentimental reasons. It's nice to go back and read them every so often and think back to forum times past.

I also took a look at some of my older blog entries, about finishing and starting various stories and some previous NaNos and House Cups. I'm always surprised how fast time seems to pass on the forums/archives and how even though I think that nothing has changed, quite a lot has. People come and go, but the community itself hasn't changed all that much during the time I've been here - it's still as welcoming and friendly as ever :) It's comforting to know that whatever goes on in my life and how things change, this site will be here for me, the same as ever.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is Happy 11th Anniversary to HPFF! Thanks for a great 4/5 years and here's to many more :happy:

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marauder lady
Feb 08 2012 07:34 PM
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww 11yrs?? Amazing. Think it was my 5th in December, although admittedly I haven't been on here as much as I used to be in the last yr. But yeah, it's always been a fab friendly place and I remember many an entertaining evening debating over which Marauder/house/whatever was the best (Sirius/Gryffs FTW :p) hehehehe. Needless to say you're one of the awesome buddy pals I've made on here :)
Much love xxx
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You do such an amazing job here, thanks for making this place so awesome :)
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Feb 14 2012 07:17 PM
I myself have been amazed at this site. When I joined back in October 2010 I never realised how big it actually was. I wish you all at HPFF a happy birthday and good luck for the next 11 years. You can only go from strength to strength from here on in.
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