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In Which Life Gets Crazy (And Exciting)

Posted by TenthWeasleyWriter , 19 February 2012 · 525 views

I am really horrible at coming up with snazzy intros to blogs. I've sat here for around five minutes now trying to think of something to say, and at this point, a sort of confessional is better than nothing. So, with that out of the way, onto the purpose for blogging in the first place!

I started my first original fiction novel last November for NaNoWriMo, and had to back out about midway through the month at around 22,000 words. It's not terrible, but I do have small amounts of guilt for not reaching my goal. :p It's admittedly more OF than I've ever written before in one story, so that's a minor accomplishment in itself. But now I wish I'd written more -- and not just for self-serving reasons!

No, that's a lie. The reasons are actually completely self-serving. But they're more official now, so we'll roll with that.

For those of you who haven't heard, Ascendio 2012 is going to be in Orlando this July (and if any of you remember the staff attending Infinitus, that's what this is like). Panels, dicussions, WWoHP, Starkid. I had to go. And then I found out that they were going to have literary agents there, and, more than anything, I knew that that facet would help sell the idea to my parents if nothing else would. Through carefully strategized financial planning and not-so-subtle hints and e-mails, I spread the word around to them. ;) Then, last night, on a one-day-late-birthday-celebration, my parents dropped the news -- after paying for part of the trip with my own savings, I'm going to Ascendio!

It's a little nerve-wracking, actually. I'm not the most social person ever (i.e. I have diagnosed social anxiety), and although my mom is driving to Florida with me, everything else -- the panels, the meet-ups, the park event, the discussions -- I'm doing completely on my own. And I've got to be socially forward like I've never been socially forward before. Which, again, makes me nervous, but part of me's somewhat liberated by the idea. No one there's going to know who I am, so it's almost a mini-reinvention. :)

And then I realized that meant completing that novel in about four months to have it ready to pitch.

Now, since NaNo I've written about 10,000 more words of that story, and thank goodness the idea is still fresh enough and I like it enough to continue on with it. It's sitting on my desktop right now at 7 chapters and 33,000 words, and if I can slightly more than double that by mid-July, then I'll be set. And really, that's 10,000 words a month -- and with all the various WIPs I'm currently working on, I already write between 5k and 10k a week. So I definitely think I can do it, especially if I actually focus on that in comparison to the... three other things I've been writing.

Is this a good-bye? Not at all. Even if I didn't write another word of fan fiction between now and Ascendio, I've got 7 more chapters of "In The Black" backed up, 5 chapters of its sequel, and 6 chapters of a Rose/Scorpius romantic comedy novella down. I know that I'll need a break from that OF here and there, too, so not writing a single word of fan fiction just isn't going to happen. And of course after July, I can play around in the Potterverse without that OF pressure. This blog is just a sort of here's-what's-happening-in-my-life thing. I may be around slightly less, since I'm still going to school and working until the end of May, but I know I'll find ways to be here.

I'm pitching a novel this summer. I'm determined to make it happen. :) And from there, who knows? I'm excited to find out!

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Feb 20 2012 02:18 AM
That is exciting! I hope you have lots and lots of fun at Ascendio - it sounds awesome. (WWofHP and Starkid? Yes!) And the literary agent/OF part is incredible - such a great opportunity. You will make it happen! :wub:

(and I will bother you incessantly until you do because this is too good to pass up!)
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Feb 20 2012 03:35 AM
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Infinitus was definitely crowded, and if you go to things like the welcoming feast, you'll have to sit at tables with other people. ;) However, there are no forced socialization events . . . if you want to, you can just go sit in the lectures and ignore everyone. :p Or take obsessive notes, which is what I did. :rolleyes: I'm super uncomfortable approaching people in crowds like that, but I actually did wind up starting to talk to people because I wanted to get photographs of their costumes. I couldn't believe the costumes people were wearing!

Anyway, I know it is a nerve-wracking thing going to a convention like this, but I think you'll have fun. :) I know I enjoyed Infinitus. If nothing else, the atmosphere is kind of beyond describing. :laugh:

Best of luck to you with pitching your novel! That is so exciting! :yahoo: :hug:
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