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The Peacock Who Must Be Named

Posted by timeturner , 02 September 2011 · 1,991 views

If you don't follow on twitter this may make no sense. But that seems to be normal for me.

After an unplanned sidetrip to the hospital for the ongoing prank war between myself and TBN, I had to stop by the store to pick up some meds for poor pain-inflicted TBN. While at this store, I was roaming around waiting for the prescription to be filled and ended up in the school supply section which, oddly, was right next to the outdoors section. In the aisle next to me, a mother and her daughter were shopping. Now, I'm not normally an eavesdropper but when I heard "HPFF" I admit my ears perked up.

As it turns out, this particular girl is a member of HPFF and, today, her story had been rejected. She said that she knew it was her fault and it was a stupid mistake (love her already!) but was obviously pretty upset about the whole thing. Her mom was pretty cranky (let's assume tired) and was just kind of tolerating her daughter's rambles.

I don't actually carry wristbands around on a regular basis and it was just a fluke that I happened to have one. I had promised one to a teen at work and then promptly forgot to give it to her. So as they stepped away from their cart to go look at something the daughter was pointing out and I took the opportunity to slide a wristband into their cart (Note: it is not wise to leave your purse unattended in a cart like that...just sayin'). I quickly moved to the next aisle and busied myself looking at Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez notebooks which was quite painful in its own right. The next thing I know, the girl is squealing. I swear, you could've heard her at the front of the store. She wants to know where her mom got the wristband (It was in the cart) and wanted to go off in search of who left it because she KNEW it could only have been an HPFF staffer. CrankyTired mom would hear nothing of it. And then:

"Well, can I at least have the peacock?"
"Of course not."
"But its on clearance!"
"What would you do with a [expletive] peacock?"
"I dunno. But it's blue and brown! I've told you before that's Jay's favorite colors! Remember there was a contest about it once."
"Yeah, I guess."
"I could put it in my room when I'm doing my writing. I could name it.... Percy! He sort of never fit in anywhere anyway. Come on, mom, please.... it's like everything HPFF is about!"
"He doesn't have a home and we're a home and he's blue and brown and ...."

And, of course, it continued to degenerate into a normal parental/teen feud. I debated. I considered. Okay, no I really didn't. I just went and hugged him to my chest and ran for the register. Even forgot the meds and had to go back inside to get them.

So, I introduce to you the peacock who would have been named Percy but our siteowner seems to have other plans:

Posted Image

And apparently, I'm going back shopping for his cousin there too :unsure:

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Sep 02 2011 03:16 AM
You can name the cousin Percy. :D
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I vote for Percy!! Seriously this story is amazing! You probably made that girls whole year :D She sounds great, I'd love to find some random member like that

Just wait, she'll find this blog probably.

Wait....whats Jay going to do to Percy? :cry: Some people eat peacocks!
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Sep 02 2011 03:18 AM
That is so cool :p And Percy is so cute :D
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Sep 02 2011 03:20 AM
Oh, I so hope she's on the forums and sees this blog! And that peacock is amazing :D I so want one...
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Sep 02 2011 03:21 AM
Isn't this the second time that a medical related incident has brought you into contact with an HPFF member upset that their story wasn't validated? hehehehe You have all the fun run-ins! And I'm putting my vote in for Percy the Peacock. Just saying. :p

Oh, and before I forget: you're so sweet - dropping wristbands into shopping carts and stuff... :D
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Well if you are getting two, Percy and Phineas :D Two HP related names! Also, I really hope she's on the forums too, because I'd definitely want to know where that wristband came from :p
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Tanya: you know, you're right! The first was my own doctor. Or, well, potential doctor. Maybe there is something about HPFF and sickness... O.o
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That was so sweet of you! I'm sure she's the happiest person from the site right now. I really hope she is a member of the Forums too so she can see from whom she got the wristband :D
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Sep 02 2011 03:30 AM
That is so cool!!! The peacock is awesome. :D I hope she sees this blog.

Eww, people eat peacocks?!
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Violet Gryfindor
Sep 02 2011 03:32 AM
That peacock is very pretty - too pretty to be called Percy. :p I love how this member wanted it because it was Jay's favourite colours. Not only site owner, but writing muse - brilliant! :happy:

This is a sweet story - so good to hear a happy one!
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I love this story and because the girl remembered my favourite colours and because she wants it to help with her writing, if you were the girl in the store that got timeturners wristband, PM me with the name of the shop and the town and we'll get a peacock to you :D
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Sep 02 2011 04:10 AM
I still find it completely surreal when people talk about having brushes with HPFFers. We must be few and far between up here in Canada, because I've never known anyone but myself who was a member of this site! :p

I really hope the girl from the store sees this and gets Percy the peacock, like she wanted. :happy:
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Sep 02 2011 05:50 AM
Wow that's an amazing story! :) And so sweet how you sneaked in the wristband when she wasn't watching.

Like Penny I have never met anyone on this site and don't really expect to run into anyone like that. Though I think I saw someone with a t-shirt for another HP site (which I'm not on) a couple of days ago and thought that maybe I should have asked if they'd heard about HPFF. But I wasn't actually even sure about the t-shirt because I cycled by quickly. :p
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Sep 02 2011 06:26 AM
Woah, such a heartwarming story. <3 :D Gaah, I wish there was someone else from my country at hpff. Considering though how people here look down on fanfiction a bit (except the surprisingly large anime community) that's not gonna happen. That's why it's awesome that you share those stories with us. :happy:

And that peacock is great. I love it! :wub: I can so imagine me back in my teenage days arguing with my mother about getting an item like this. :shifty:
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Sep 02 2011 11:33 AM
That is hilarious. I hope we find that member :laugh: You know, I saw those peacocks while I was out shopping with my sister, and we might have come to blows over them if either of us had had the money to actually buy them.
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Sep 02 2011 11:51 AM
This was such an amazing story. Lucky girl, to get an HPFF wristband!

Wish I would meet someone from HPFF...But I've never even seen someone from my time zone, let alone state.
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Wow, I wish we find who that member is xD I bet you made her day, TT! And I bet she freaks out when she finds it was you xD What a great story...
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Sep 02 2011 02:54 PM
This is so cool. It is sad how I never meet anyone who is a member of HPFF...

And the girl who got the HPFF wristband - if you're reading this - I wanna tell you that you're so lucky!!

And timeturner - you're totally awesome!!! That was so sweet of you.

The peacock should definitely be named Percy :D
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Sep 02 2011 04:17 PM
This is so precious! I wish I was that member; I would have cried with happiness! I'm with Drecklin, Percy and Phineas would be perfect muse names :p

Anywho, that was too cute not to comment on. Thanks for sharing, TT :)
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Sep 02 2011 04:27 PM
Great story! Love it so much. TT I guess you just need to keep wristbands with at all times :p you're like the wristband fairy! Hope mom isn't mad if a Peacock shows up from Jay.
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