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Poison kitty - nope I won't shut up about them. :D

Posted by lilypotterfan123 , in monday, Weird and wonderful blogging ... 16 April 2012 · 339 views

Anyone who knows me on HPFF can guess I'm into those weird underloved pairings such as Tom/Minerva, Bella/Frank & Minerva/Alastor. I do like many more but for now as the title implies I'm going to be talking about Tom/Minerva!

I think the love started about 18 months ago, I was reading a story in which Voldemort was the Father but we all had to try and guess who the mother was. I came up with the strange conclusion *using time travel of course* that Minerva was the OC's mum. I was indeed so wrong but I was determined, I just needed to read something where this ship worked. Though you've got to remember Tom/Minerva is one of my favourites because they're an almost pairing and they can never work *forbidden love* because of how they can't change the other's mind or opinions.

I've also noticed how Poison Kitty is rarely written from Tom's POV. I've tried and failed in the past and found that it is hard to write about someone who is portrayed as a character incapable of love. Whereas Minerva can because of her past *revealed by Pottermore* and how you can see how she cares for the children at hogwarts, a different kind of love but at least we know it isn't against her nature.

ANYWAY thanks to my top 50 ships challenge I can happily say I've inspired someone to become a heavy poison kitty shipper!
Javct45, and I've sort of become obsessed with her stories since then, and she has some great doctor who crossovers! Anyway I got bored so I thought I'd randomly blog to announce this to you all, hope you don't mind ^_^

Well must dash, got a Frank/Bella one shot to plan based on Don't Speak by No Doubt.
You know the lyrics:
It's all ending
we better stop pretending
who we are

I think that's what they are anyway, well that's what I'm basing it on
I'm finishing chapter 2 of Sinner Kissed an Angel, the tom/minerva/alastor love triangle ^_^


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That story would have been so cool to read! I love stories that keep people guessing. Do you have a link? So they have a shipping name, I've been trying to come up with one (unsuccessfully of course)! Hm, it suits them, I like it :D


Naww, thank you! *tackles with a million-zillion hugs* I love your stories too and I am so grateful that you introduced me to Poison Kitty (Yay it's the first time I used the shipping name haha!)

Yay! I can't wait to read the next chapter! I loved the first one! :D
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