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Thanks :)

Posted by lilypotterfan123 , in monday, Weird and wonderful blogging ..., Writing with LilyFire 09 April 2012 · 313 views

This blog may be created because I'm grouchy, moody and tired but this blog is about some amazing people. So regardless of all this, and that this blog might seem weird I'm just going to write it.

Firstly there's Summer (that's GinevraMollyPotter to those of you who don't know her). Now where in the heck would I be without this chick?? She's been like a big sister to me since she got here, and with RL being crazy for her I feel like she needs some recognition.
A great friend, helper and writer. By helper if you're a Gryffindor you'll know how active she is around the CR but then in the forums and archives she is great. I think she deserves some reviews, just go take a look at her stories. I've been so nice that I even brought you a link. here [12-M]

Now then another Gryffindor....Scott, accioHPFF our lirate prefect. He takes on a lot, though reckons he doesn't. He beta's so much and then I never see him out of the common room, one of his stories is in the featured stories section at the archives and he's a prefect so he must be doing something right! He is an amazing friend to me and if you've been on harry potter podcast, his accent is amazing too! Now if you haven't read his stories, you should. Seriously an Act Of Vengeance is so good I am proud to have made the banner for him. so here are Scott's stories, please read them :D here [15-M]

How can I forget one of the coolest puff's I know?! Lilyfire AKA Lily! We decided to write a series together on a seperate account, finding Lily which sort of ties us together in a username sort of way, you know? Anyway since then we've become great friends, well I think we are anyway haha. She's been a great helper and writer because our story actually isn't that bad but if her input and writing wasn't there it would be pants. She's always there for a chat, and is one amazing ninja ;)
So please read her stories too, because she's worth it *yes I did just see the loreal advert but it ties in with what I'm saying :p*

here [15-M]

You may think I'm being daft putting up their author's page but they've done a lot for not only me but HPFF and I think the people of HPFF should give something back, you know??

Bex :)

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Apr 09 2012 10:39 PM
Awwwh Becca :) Thank you sweetie for this.

If anything I think you have helped me a lot too! But I'm glad you see me as a big sister figure (I mean not that I have 5 already or anything :D)

I also agree that Scott and Lily are awesome people :D
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Me? lol, If you hadn't had the plot and ideas then there would be no story! Everyone knows I can't plot for my life. Most of my story plots were pretty much handed to me :p But than you dear. :hug: You are amazing too! And please, your writing is good too!

(Also, I know i'm MIA and it's my turn for the chapter, but I'm nearly done with this semester and it'll have to wait for after term ends).

:wub: And of course I'm a great friend! :p (And you are too!)
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