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Featured Stories!

Posted by Noblevyne , 12 March 2012 · 1,043 views

After slacking for a while, I finally updated the new Featured Stories and there are some absolute crackers in there! I asked the staff for a few of their reccs and I can tell you, we actually have too many to count - you guys have been fabulous of late, we have long termers improving, and new faces bringing their talent to the table.

But the ones that made the cut this month, are a few stories we've all enjoyed - and we hope that you will too. Please take your time and throw a review to them, I know you'll get deeply sucked in by these masterful writers, just as I, and the other members of staff have.

In no particular order:

CambAngst - Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood (Mature)

I came across this story in the queue, and would try to review each time I validated a chapter. It's an absolutely brilliant story, one that cleverly weaves characterisation and plot so flawlessly. We rarely see stories about our fearless Trio when they are older, the focus shifting towards their children instead - but the author shows an exceptionally plausible future for them and the magical world as a whole. Some of the villains in this are new faces, but some you will recognise and their motives are beautifully done, showing the cyclical nature of wars and how when we forget, we allow history to repeat itself. The care and attention shown to each individual character - even the minor ones - is exceptionally skillful. Draco is the finest I've ever seen him written, as the author does not shy from his flaws.

If you're looking for a great, unique and engrossing Trio piece, this is definitely it. You won't be sorry - but you WILL need to set aside some time, because this one will suck you right in and leave you guessing at every turn.

Cassius Alcinder - Behind the Curtain (15+)

Without a doubt, this author is one of the most unique storytellers on the archive. I first came across them in the queue last year, becoming engrossed by their wonderful story Their Finest Hour (15+) which also deserves your attention. This author is clearly a history buff, and finding magical characters in a world most of us only recognise from history books and grainy documentaries is a delight. Again, their characterisation is flawless, introducing some of the most well rounded OCs I've ever seen in HP fanfiction. The story Behind the Curtain is an excellent Cold War spy thriller, but with magic. I was blown away by the combination, the politics of the Muggle world tie in neatly with the ideas the the author has used for what disruptions are occurring in the Wizarding World. A cracking read for the reader who wants some guts and intrigue in their stories.

And these three reviews come from tell_me_what_the_truth_is, who recommended these stories!

accioHPFF - Act of Vengeance (Mature)

This story delves into the mind of Narcissa Malfoy, beginning with the end and her death and continuing backwards in time. With every chapter, your opinion of Narcissa will twist and change as more is revealed about her motives for her actions and we move further into the past. With three chapters already posted, there's plenty to get your teeth into whilst leaving you wondering what more lies in store to change your mind yet again.

PenguinsWillReignSupreme - Glory(15+)

This one-shot is harrowingly beautiful. The prose is stunning and every word is perfectly chosen to evoke powerful emotions. It's a story of loss and grief, but written in such a way that it keeps you guessing right until the plot twist at the very end and reveals more with every reread. A creative and haunting story, with gorgeous imagery and description.

Snapdragons - The Night Stands Still (12+)

The Night Stands Still explores the raw anxiety Lily experiences during the first war without James by her side. The description is simple and delicate, a beautiful yet sad one-shot that is both moving and touching and really portrays Lily's fear for her and James' future.

So a round of applause to all five of you - everyone should DEFINITELY read these, and comment here as well, I'd love to know your thoughts because there's nothing like a great fanfic discussion when you really love a piece. Get reviewing guys!

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Mar 15 2012 07:02 AM
I've read half of these and shall get myself to read the other half!

I'm just starting on CassiusAlcinder's and CambAngst's stories but am really impressed by how well thought out and detailed each are about the subject they're writing about. CambAngst's especially is so canon, it's practically Book 8!
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I know! They are exceptionally well plotted, Harry is so recognisable in CambAngst's, and it's great to see older characters still kicking bottom - I too am going to put my money where my mouth is and get back to reviewing!
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I have been reading Cambangst story and Love every minute off it., Cambangst recently won Gryffindor story of the month for the month of march. So it is so cool to see the story also being featured.
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Mar 18 2012 02:09 PM
congratulations to the featured stories' authors! I've read a few already and they were outstanding!
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Thanks guys, I do hope you enjoy them - this will hopefully be a regular feature if I can remember to update them! CambAngst is a wonderful writer, as are all our featured authors! Read and enjoy - and remember to review because who doesn't love those?
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CambAngst's story is one that really does feel like book 8. I get giddy, excited, nervous for the characters just as I did with JKR's. I'm gonna have to give the other stories a chance after I'm done with my reviewing queue.
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Congrats to those who made the cut! I'm always very interested to see the featured authors lists when they come out. And yes: review, review, review! Those who read and don't review should be forced to work as Gilderoy Lockhart's personal assistant for a year! ;)
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