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pins and needles

Posted by Arithmancy_Wiz , 31 October 2011 · 652 views

(it's a pun!)
So...NaNoWriMo starts in just about t-minus 24 hours. Despite copious amounts of evidence to the contrary, I will be participating this year – my third go around at the insanity. But NaNo is not the point of this blog. It’s just further evidence that I am in need of major help if I’m going to attempt to take on a second project in the forthcoming weeks.

The deal is this:

While trolling the interwebs one day, as I am so often inclined to do, I discovered this (12+). Suffice it to say, it was immediately clear I needed to own this. It’s not so much that I wanted to own it. It’s more that I LITERALLY MUST ACQUIRE IT. I assumed with a bit more effort, I would be able to find the person (or someone close to them) who was selling these perfect creations on ebay or etsy or the like for an exorbitant price I would be none too happy to shell out. Unfortunately, my search turned up nothing. I couldn’t find anyone selling anything even remotely as cute (though there is no shortage of crappy looking ones out there). This (12+) was the next best thing I could find but even it lacked something (and wasn’t for sale). At the end of all this, I was forced to conclude...

I am going to have to make one myself. If my only option is a crappy copy, than it will be MY crappy copy, dammit.

And here is where we hit the problem. I am NOT crafty. I don’t say this modestly. I really am not. It’s not that I’m bad at crafting, it is that I have done very little of it. I’d say there is about a 50-50 chance I remember how to operate a sewing machine (which I may or may not still own...I’ll need to check the basement). Beyond that...my last domestic adventure involved hemming tape. But I’m not deterred! If it’s something that can be learned, I’m pretty sure I can give it a fair shot. It may not be pretty, but it will be a labor of love.

(Okay, I may exaggerating my complete lack of crafting skill...but not by much. I do, however, have the added advantage that my mother will be visiting for the holidays and she is an excellent crafter. She promised to teach me any needed stitches I can’t figure out on my own but due to time limitations and the vast amount of cooking that will be occurring during the week leading up to Thanksgiving, I need materials ready and waiting to go).

And this is the part where I’m hoping you all come in. I don’t blog often (clearly) so I hope that emphasizes my desperation here. Where do I even begin? My first thought was keep it as simple as possible: buy a bag for the base and focus on attaching the windows and call box sign like they were patches. Problem is, I can’t find any solid bags that even come close. I’m inclined to think I’m going to have to make the whole dang thing. I’m assuming you can but purse patterns...but where? And what kind of fabric makes a good purse? Obviously I’ll need something durable but that is thin enough to be stitched through. Any guesses on what was used in the first image? It looks soft, almost kind of fuzzy, but I'm not sure...

Any help (or even encouragement) would be greatly appreciated (I’m looking at you Kay and Meg)! And if anyone has or made a Tardis bag, please tell me. I'd love to know where you got it/how you put it together. In return, I promise to post pictures of my progress...at least on my twitter :D

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Georgia Weasley
Oct 31 2011 03:39 AM
You need to talk to the Queen of Awesome Bags. (Also known around here as WeasleytwinMom and Meg). Girl can whip out some incredible purses and stuff like you wouldn't believe. She could probably hook a sister up. :)
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Oct 31 2011 03:42 AM
That bag might be the coolest bag I have ever seen. (bigger on the inside?)

I am similarly non crafty. But I come from a semi-crafty family! (the gene seems to have skipped me... pity) And I'm 95% certain I've seen bag patterns for sale at fabric stores. For instance http://www.hancocks-...Item--i-AB-HSMG (12+) which I found just by googling. =) Looks a little big though.

But it looks like there are also a bunch of patterns on the internet if you google it!
http://mmmcrafts.blo...senger-bag.html (links 12+)

I don't know if those are anything near what you'd be looking for, but I thought I'd offer them. Also... one of the sites suggested using batting with the outer layer? o.o Like I said, not crafty... but it might work?

Don't know how helpful that was, but this sounds really cool :) If you make it, you should definitely post pictures! ^-^
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Oct 31 2011 12:03 PM
Oh my God girl, I saw that bag a while back and have also been planning to make it! I even bought fabric to make it with. It's really hard to find a good weight fabric in an appropriate TARDIS blue, let me tell you. I went to every fabric store within 30 miles. I wound up buying white twill-weave bottomweight cotton and dyeing my own, but it still needs a second dye bath. Haven't got round to that yet. I found a fun timey-wimey print for a liner, too.

I will tell you what, after NaNo is over, I will make us both a TARDIS purse. :hug:
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Georgia Weasley
Oct 31 2011 03:34 PM
See, I TOLD you she is the Queen. :p
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Nov 01 2011 02:51 AM
Thanks, snappy. I hadn't thought of downloading a pattern. If I can't find one in the flesh, I may just do that!

Lol, Meg, how am I not surprised you are all over this already? It's probably a bad sign I don't know what any of the words "twill-weave bottomweight" mean, huh? Have you seen the fabrics at spoonflower? Expensive but A-mazing.

Yes, GW, there really is nothing that woman can't do. It would be enough reason to hate her if she wasn't so dang awesome :D
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