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a nameless blog entry. just because it's all rambling.

Posted by dobbys_socks , 09 April 2012 · 446 views

I am so terribly sorry that my last blog totally sucked and was incredibly boring. I am also sorry that I haven't posted a new entry recently, but I've been extremely busy lately. Ok, not extremely busy, but busy enough that I didn't have time to write. You forgive me? Great; let's move on.

I just want to mention the Glee iPod Shuffle challenge (which is mine) because the deadline is looming over our heads coming up and soon it will take over the the world HPFF so I want to remind everybody to keep writing hard and finish those darn stories! It's not too late to enter here (12+) and just because it's called the GLEE iPod Shuffle challenge doesn't mean it's necessarily about GLEE. It's just the song that Glee did a cover of, so, potterweasleygranger, you just have to use the song, not Glee itself. I will announce the winners in a blog.

THE HUNGER GAMES. I read them last year and they were amazing. Before the movie came out, I read the first one again in two days, then saw the movie on Saturday night with my mum, my friend and my friend's mum. I won't go on too much about it for those of you who are yet to read/see it, but in my opinion, it is the best page to screen adaptation I have ever seen. For example, the HP movies realy aren't much like the books. I hated the two Hallows ones. I could go on for days about how different they are and all my problems with them, even though they're great movies. I was talking to my mum about them (she's also read them) and yeah, there were a few things that I didn't like and most of it wasn't very clear, but it was a better... what's the word I'm looking for... translation. I am extremely impatient for the next movie to come out, and even though yesterday was Easter Sunday, I read the second one again. Like, I read the whole book in one day. And this morning I started the third one.

I guess what I'm trying to say is what did you think of it? And if you haven't read/seen it, you have to.

I'm so excited for the Slytherin April challenge and can't wait for it to start. Just waiting for louiselShere to post and then we can get this party started!

I've been watching AVPS again for the third time and none of the jokes get old. I can actually quote what they're saying now. Just briefly, I'd like to recap one of my favourite parts.

Dumbledore: What, where?! [or something like that I don't remember]
Snape: He was seen by all the paintings on the third floor. The dogs playing poker peed on the floor! The screaming man has never looked so terrified: it took the entire last supper to calm him down! SIRIUS BLACK!

Ha ha. When we go home from the movies the other night, my dad and little sisters were watching the footy at my grandparents place (which I wanted to go to but wouldn't miss THG) and we got home before them. Mum had to put the car in the garage which she hates doing so she sent me inside the boil the kettle. We have a flight of stairs from the front door leading up to the rest of the house, so I was walking up and said, "You know mum, if there's some psycho mass-murderer inside, you'll be sorry," and she just told me to shut up. I walked into the living room which was pitch black and yelled "SIRIUS BLACK! SIRIUS BLACK!" and mum started freaking out, it was hilarious! Sorry, I had to say that.

Alrighty then. I don't really have anything else to say again. Sorry I keep crossing out words but I discovered that tool the other day and had to try it out. More than once, by the looks of things. Well, see you!


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Apr 09 2012 03:28 AM

I'm really sorry about not being able to enter your challenge but I have about 7 plunnies at the moment and I am desperate to try and write them all! I will enter your next one!

Also, have you seen Little White Lie by Starkid? I saw the whole thing yesterday it was awesome!
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Apr 09 2012 03:31 AM
Yeah, I've seen LWL, didn't really like it. Most people don't.

Thats fine by the way :)
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Apr 09 2012 06:19 AM
Ahahaha, this was hilarious(; And this is really bad, but no, I haven't read The Hunger Games. I KNOW. I haven't even watched the movie to spoil anything, but yeah, by the time I finish the series, it'll probably be out of cinemas -.- Was the movie amazing? 10/10? ;)

And that Sirius Black prank that you did? Classic.
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Apr 10 2012 01:45 AM
Ha ha thanks :) Yes, the movie was absolutely amazing but my advice is READ THE BOOKS FIRST! The movie is only about the first book so you don't have to read the whole series before you see it. 10/10.

And thank you. Sometimes someone will say something and I'll crack up laughing because it's a line from AVPM/S or something and everyone will stare at me like I'm some psycho freak. Ah, well.
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