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Harry Potter Themed Party

Posted by EverMalfoy , 05 March 2012 · 370 views

Hello darlings:D So in my last blog post,I put up a butter beer recipe! Yum(: For those who haven't tried it, don't pass it up! It is absolutely delicious! Anyways,in my last blog entry I mentioned how my lovely mother threw me a Harry Potter themed party, and some of you seem interested in what she did! So,I figured I'd share it with you! Now, my mother went all out! You see, my best friend, who had moved away,was visiting me and she is a big geek like me! Like all of us on here(: Geeks unite! There I go getting off track again...without further ado,here it is!

So, she made punch and added dry ice. It was a red punch and she said it was Basilisk Venom!(I don't think I spelt that right...)Neatest thing,in my eyes! She grilled ribs,and called them dragon ribs;D She also took pretzel sticks,dipped them in chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles,calling them wands! (Clever mother I have,right?How I love her!) She took an assortment of fruits, and drizzled them in chocolate, or let them soak in a water diluted food coloring so they were all sorts of colors, and called them herbology fruits! We took peanuts in clumps and dumped them in chocolate and called them cockroach clusters! She ordered pumpkin juice on ebay(beware--this stuff is so good its not even funny!I love it so much,but its pricey to have it shipped to you!So don't get addicted) and made butter beer. She had sour punch strings--you know what I'm talking about right?--and wet them slightly,rolled them in pop rocks and called them fizzing whizbees! She also bought a million packages of Bertie Botts ever flavor beans! Yuck--don't do it! I had a million friends per,so we dared each other to eat them,but they just ended up being spit out and stuck to my Twilight poster! (Yes,yes...I liked Twilight a long time ago before the movies...)

This was kind of weird,but super neat! She died ramen green with food coloring and said it was Moody's Spaghetti and then she took all sorts of cheeses,cubed them, and called them--this is priceless-- Snape's "You-Don't-Wanna-Know"! XD I died of laughter at that!

So there it is! On a last note, if you haven't already you should join my challenge--the Taylor Swift Quotes challenge! The deadline is April 20,2012 so it's far away, and it will be a lot of fun!

Too da loo for now darlings!

No,wait,I lied! I would like to thank a few people! Thanks to I Was Not Magnificent and moonyxluna for an impossible amount of patience with me! I swear,I'm working on the both of them(:

To all my wonderful betas, rjsunshine,Hedwigs-Hat,javct45,and starryskies55! You are all wonderful!

LupinandTonks14 for being there for me more then I could ask for. Thanks for being my rock! flamel.alchemy, I love our conversations. I can easily call you one of my friends! Lastly but certainly not least, keira779, because I would die without our amazing,random conversations and our review switcharoos!



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That does sound like a neat party! It's cool your mom did that for you. :) Sounds like she had some neat ideas, or at least made an effort to find out some things about the books.

The real pumpkin juice at WWoHP is really expensive too. I was outraged at the price when I went but bought a bottle anyway, of course. :rolleyes:
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Mar 05 2012 07:40 AM
I also love the effort your mum made! :) And the creativity. It sounds like you all had fun too. One thing I thought of was that if pumpkin juice is too hard to find probably mango juice or some other fruit like that would work as something with at least approximately the same colour.
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I need RL friends that like Harry Potter! None of my friends would ever come to something like this, as wonderful as it sounds. And I agree with how expensive pumpkin juice is! I think it was something like 6 or 7 dollars at WWoHP. (of course I got a few it anyway :p ) I could only imagine how much it would be to have it shipped. Your mother sounds lovely :) those fizzing whizbees sound awesome!

I'm not worried about our story :) I've been working non stop on my stuff for a while now as well. Just whenever you have time works for me :)
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yes, my mom would never admit it, but she's just one big sweetheart <3 lol
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