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Am I Turning into my Character?

Posted by keira7794 , 14 April 2012 · 364 views

So, not wanting to sound like Molly Weasley II in my story, Outcast (M)... but I'm starting to think that someone up there has it in for me... and I'm starting suspect my Gran. (Well, 'up there' or 'down there' or... nowhere at all - depending on your beliefs... okay I'm going too far into this... moving on.)

Why have I come to this conclusion? Well it's always been a sneaking suspicion with my embarrasing moments and unfortuanate incidents... which seem to have escalated since my Gran died (I should probably mention that my Gran wasn't evil... I just think she'd find it funny. She had a twisted sence of humour... what can I say.. it runs in the family. :D - Ah! I keep going off topic - back to the point I go.)

So two weeks ago, I was very excited. Who wasn't? It was the Easter holidays! Two weeks of writing HPFF, planning my OF and laying in the hot, unexpected sun which had been present throughout the last week of school whilst I had been stuck in dark classrooms.

So off I skipped... the bell had rang.. and I was FREE!! I skipped past the lines of kids boarding the green mimibuses - which I no longer had to take due to passing my driving test (I admit I was feeling ever so slightly smug) when BAM.

Clamp. On. Car.

What? :shout:

Turns out my school 'decided' to clamp my car due to me forgetting to hand in my car keys - it was the last day of term! Honestly! My old minibus drove past.. the kids looked very smug. Hmph. :dry:

So after much grovelling and 'I promise I won't forget again, sir' - they gave permission to 'John' (this random guy who drives around the school 24/7 on a golf buggy - don't ask) to remove the stupid clamp. Of course I would have to go with him.. on the buggy.. through school.. yey.

Cut the story short, John decided to make the buggy jorney back to the carpark into a safari journey. Not. Even. Kidding.

'Hey, look! To the left, there is a Gap Student. Wave to the Gap Student!'

(Okay... I may have played along and waved.. earning some very strange looks.)

Clamp got removed. Story done. (I wish.)

My plan was to go home and start writing.. until my friend invited me to go to her intensive pig farm.

(Well... why not?)

Eventually we arrived at the pig farm. And I had a lovely tour (read: smelly) of all the pig huts. Put me off bacon for life - especially when Anna (my friend) gave my a week old piglet to hold. I subtly hinted at an escape attempt to free the pigs... Anna snorted and bent down to the pig I was holding and said (I quote you not) 'You're going to be pork chops soon.' :shout:


I was about to leave when Anna mentioned going 'hacking'. I'm not a horse person - this should be known. Anna did know this (thank god) and suggested that I walk alongside Anna and her brother... whilst they were on horses.

Have you ever walked alongside people on a hack... over farm ground? I was literally running for over an hour, diving over holes in the ground and hopping through nettle patches. (To be honest I felt like there should have been some really cool Bond music in the background.) I wa sweating buckets in the odd late March heat whilst desperately trying to keep up. By the time we reached the farm again, I was literally dead and preparing to make my excuses to leave and go write... when Anna invited me inside... just in tiem to see her dad having a massage in the lounge by a Polish woman.

I then got a lovely (read: embarassing due to Anna's dad, and confusing due to the Polish woman's heavy accent) history lesson. I literally had to sit there with Anna learning about the Cold War whilst Anna's dad was receieing a massage. Ever so slightly awkward. :ermm:

Long story short - I eventually got home, ready to start writing when instead I was told to pack. I was being sent on an intensive revision course down south for the week. ... :shout:

I left first thing the next morning, hoping with all hope that there would be internet and the possibility of revising outside. You may have noticed - I'm slightly unlucky with things like this. Not only was internet non-existant, but the cold spell came over night meaning that by the time I'd reached the halfway point, I was frozen... without any jumpers. Yey. So I quickly had to purchase a lovely illuminous green jumper from a street stall, reading 'I <3 London' - which reached my knees (only one size was available).

Ah! This is going much longer then I expected - basically it was very dull, cold and I was stuck inside for the entire week whilst desperately trying to cram as much knowledge on American Civil Rights in my head as possible (1865 to 1992). Finally, the time came to finally leave (most people left after two days... my mum had booked me in for the entire week. Woo!)

I then began the 7 hour journey north, to the Lake District, where my family were currently on holiday. -_-

It would be typical that I decided that I would make the most of the journey and write some HPFF on the train. Once again, luck wasn't on my side. I'm pretty sure he was homeless, he had no teeth, he was old, smelt ungodly... and sat right next to me. I winced and tried to make out what he was saying (toothless people are hard to understand).. and beared with it... until an hour later he pulled out a Morrisons bag... full of wet bread. Nice. Once again, I didn't really mind.. until he pulled out a tin.. of sardines.

Yes, it would be typical that I would sit next to the homeless, toothless guy who spent the rest of the journey sucking on sardines. The smell.. words cannot describe - needless to say, not much writing got done.

It turned out that the place we were staying had no internet. So this loong, rambling blog is me basically saying that I'm very sorry for the late updates, not replying immediately to my 'The Ronald Weasley Challenge' and not wishing 'happy birthday' to the Gryffies I missed. :S

Oh! I was bouncing on the trampoline this morning.. in the rain.. don't judge - it was tempting! And.. a spring may have popped and flew into my foot. Pretty sure it's broken due to teh golf ball lump on the top of my foot and the inability to walk. Typically, two days before I go on the Harry Potter studio tour.

Anyone know if they provide wheelchairs? :p

Hmm - why do all my blogs turn into rambling rants? I really didn't mean to say all that ^ - Sorry! :p

The point is, I always put myself in stupid situations - just like my character Molly does. I've started bargaining in my head with my gran or going 'cheers, gran' when something goes wrong.. similarly to Molly. And the other day this woman called over her daughter in the park (cooincidently named Molly) and I looked up. As in, I actually responded to my characters name.

Has this ever happened to any of you? Have you started acting like your character or... I don't know. Turning into them?

Tell you one thing I'm going to avoid now, writing from Voldemort's perspective! I can just imagine me walking down a street and going 'Urgh. Muggles. Avada K-'... then jumping behind a bin if someone with glasses walks by.

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Apr 14 2012 01:07 PM
This actually really made me laugh :) I get what you mean! I have a story about a OC from Germany. I write her situations that I've been in like she put her foot through a drum (which I did in my final yr of school!) and she swears very comically when she's in trouble or a bad situation (as I do) and makes up nicknames for everyone (like I do everyday!). I put myself into my character I guess. Then I have a different tory where the character is talented and could murder you with a spoon, after writing one of her chapters I tried to do a ninja kick and fell over.
I think we all have a little bit of our characters :)
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