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Such a Long, Long Time

Posted by x3CherryWatermelonx3 , 14 April 2012 · 271 views

Okay! It's been quite a while since I've updated this, it's terrible.

I've been writing Unraveling Secrets and am starting to write the eighth chapter. I'm so exciting for this story to unfold, I can't even begin to explain it to you! As I was writing VII of it, I realized how many people are actually in Sophie's family and how hard it was to keep track of them. So, if I were getting confused about them, as the writer, I can't even imagine how you guys would feel. So stopping myself from being so confused and from being all of you being confused, I've made a little family tree, which includes each persons birth years. Hopefully this clears things up for you as it has cleared things up for me! :)
  • Oliver (1925) and Eleanor (1927)
    • William (1946) and Barbara (1946)
      • Timothy (1964) and Jessica (1964)
      • Justin (1984) and Anna (1985)
      • Benjamin (1986) and Sally (1986)
    • Edward (1965)
    • Lori (1967) and Nicholas (1968)
      • Austin (1986) and Carrie (1986)
      • Zachary (1988) and Kelly (1989)
      • Victoria (1993) and Brad (1992)
  • Phillip (1947) and Mary (1948)
    • Paul (1964) and Georgia (1965)
      • Matthew (1987) and Michelle (1988)
      • Katherine (1990)
      • Anne (1994) and Michael (1992)
    • Dawn (1967)
  • Sophie (2003)
Now that that's taken care of, I can move on and tell you of a couple projects I have going! The other project I'm working on is the sequel to It Has Always Been Just a Game. I've been wanting to get it started for so, so long but could never figure out exactly how things were going to get started. Finally, after close to a year, I've finally come up with the storyline and have gotten things started! It's called In This Game Called Life. There are only two chapters published, and there will definitely be more! As of right now, it's going to be based throughout J.K. Rowling's books, starting with Prisoner of Azkaban and ending with Deathly Hollows. For those who haven't read the unedited versions of the last few chapters of It Has Always Been Just a Game, then things may be a little confusing. So, I'll give you all a little summary. Abbie was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, she lost the baby girl, Lillianna, due to the Cruciatus Curse Bellatrix Lestrange used on her. She did though have a baby boy, Tommy, and is now (thirteen years later) living with him and Remus.

Somehow, my mind never stops thinking of different things, and so not only do I have those two stories going right now, I also I have a third called Dear Diary: Let's Find Love. It's based on two best friends, Emmy and Missy, embarking on a new life, but in the view point of Emmy. This story is quite different from all the rest, and I'm kind of excited about that. Of course there's always going to be drama, but I think it's a lot more carefree and less emotionally heavy than the others. It's kind of like a breath of fresh air! :)

I really hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them! :) If you read them, please write a review and let me know what you think! And if there's any questions, please don't be afraid to ask! :) Oh, there I go sounding like a teacher. Whoops! O:)

Anyway, I hope everything's going well for all of you! And for those ready for the summer, I'm right there with you. I seriously can't wait another minute! SUMMER PLEASE COME FASTER!

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