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The Unwanted Ones

Posted by Gabriella Hunter in Gabriella Hunter's Blog, 26 May 2015 - - - - - - · 11 views

Hello, everyone! This is Gabriella "Gabbie" Hunter from the archives and lovely forums dropping by with another blog after a much too long hiatus (I wonder how many of you actually remember me and my bad jokes). I've noticed that there are quite a few new faces and I thought that I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you and that I hope we'll be able to swap ou...


The Blaise Awareness Challenge Results

Posted by Lostmyheart in Cookie Jar, 25 May 2015 - - - - - - · 53 views

The Blaise Awareness Challenge Results!
Hello to all of you wonderful people.
I have finally read and reviewed all the amazing entries I received for the challenge that was meant to spread awareness about the fantastic character, Blaise Zabini.
Despite creating the challenge, I had no idea that so many would participate and have so...


Language Issues

Posted by HappyMollyWeasley in Molly's Thoughts About Things in Life, 25 May 2015 - - - - - - · 171 views

I'm a verbal person, and I've always been able to express myself. I learned to read early, and I started writing from an early age. I didn't have to work for getting good grades in school, and I'm used to speak my mind in every situation.

But that's only in my own language, Swedish. Writing in English is so much harder, and although I'm quite good at und...


My "hiatus" and why

Posted by MadiMalfoy in MadiMalfoy's Blog, 25 May 2015 - - - - - - · 86 views

Hey everyone! :bye: I thought I would just write a blog post about why I've been super MIA since NaNo finished and why I haven't really been posting many new stories/chapters as of the last few months.
Basically, my [s]excuse reason is that the second semester of my first year in college kept me super busy and on my toes, so I wasn't able to do mu...


My first Blog. Ever, I think...?

Posted by Unicorn_Charm in Unicorn_Charm's Blog, 25 May 2015 - - - - - - · 197 views

Hey there, everyone! I figured it was about time that I started one of these. :shrugs:
I've never done this before, to be honest. Mostly because I usually feel like no one would really care enough to hear what I have to say - or type, would be more accurate and I have severe anxiety issues. And as anxious as this is making me feel and how scared I...


Validation Times - What They (Do/Don't) Mean

Posted by toomanycurls in toomanycurls - thoughts, theories, and conjecture, 23 May 2015 - * * * * * · 280 views

Occasionally I see statuses where people seem unsure about what the message The current backlog is x Hours / Days means. The quickest way to clear that up is to say what that number measures. 
It is:
The hours/days that the oldest new chapter/submission has been in the queue. 

It is not:
How long until your chapter will be validat...


The Pass It Along Challenge Halfway Point Update

Posted by TreacleTart in TreacleTart's Blog, 22 May 2015 - - - - - - · 137 views

Hi everyone!  :bye:
I just wanted to leave a short update on how things are progressing for the Pass It Along Challenge.
I've been busy ghosting through the forums and archives to look at all of the amazing things that the people who have signed up for my challenge are doing. I have to say that I've seen some very lovely things. I'm rea...


The End of an Era - Goodbye?

Posted by DoctorUnderwood in Two Hummingbirds Who Had Never Met, 21 May 2015 - - - - - - · 171 views

I just posted the last chapter of "Summer at the Abbey," my Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Downton Abbey crossover.  To be honest, this may be my last post into the archives of HPFF, this site I have come to love so much that got me through some rough times. As much as I love Harry Potter and fanfiction, it might be time to say goodbye.
I first start...


writing the important stuff

Posted by tangledconstellations in tangledconstellations' blog, 19 May 2015 - - - - - - · 339 views

Hullo there!

So, today I'm meant to be doing a million and one non-HPFF related things. Alas, here I am, creating my first ever blog! For those of you that I haven't yet met: Hi! I'm Laura! :wub:

Being on the forums recently has been really quite inspirational. So many members have been using blogs and stories to talk about experienc...


A Heads Up

Posted by SamMalfoy93 in From the imagination..., 19 May 2015 - - - - - - · 178 views

Hey guys!
I have something to share and it was a little too long to put as a status update. So summer is here and I can write properly again; from the moment I post this blog until midnight of July 1st, I will be writing nothing but fanfiction. In between validating and common room/forum activities, I will be finishing stories and making sure I hav...


not a hiatus.

Posted by crestwood in No Name Came To Mind , 18 May 2015 - - - - - - · 244 views

Anxiety sucks. I've been attempting to write this blog post for roughly a week now. I've scrapped it all and started again and edited more times than I can count. In that time I've changed my mind about what this blog post is about at least five times. At first, it was an apology for my absence of late. Then, it was an announcement of further hiatus. And...


Saying 'thank you'

Posted by merlins beard in merlins beard's Blog, 15 May 2015 - - - - - - · 311 views

Hi everyone.
This is my first Blog post ever! I'm excited :yahoo:
There have been some recent blogs about dealing with depression and other sad things, so I thought maybe it was time to share something happy with you (it might start out sad, but I promise there's a happy ending to this post)
To understand why this is such a big deal,...



Posted by ad astra in Ravenclaw333's Blog, 15 May 2015 - - - - - - · 193 views

As you guys know, I'm travelling around Turkey with my mum (I'm not actually back  at HPFF and you should all pretend I'm not here) and a few days ago I had the privilege of visiting Gallipoli.
Gallipoli, for those of you who didn't grow up with the story of it reverberating through your lives, was a World War I campaign aimed at gaining...


Writing for Yourself

Posted by Slytherinchica08 in Slytherinchica08's Blog, 15 May 2015 - - - - - - · 163 views

As a writer, we are told constantly to write for ourselves and not our readers. And while I definitely agree with this, sometimes our readers are our greatest motivation so that makes writing for ourselves a bit hard at times, especially when we are feeling down and out, or the writing juices just aren't flowing like we would like them to. Sometimes havin...


Self-Challenge 2015

Posted by Rhaenyra in The Dragon Queen's Blog, 13 May 2015 - - - - - - · 385 views
2015, goals, challenge yourself

Self-Challenge 2015
Friends reference - "It's like a competition with yourself."  "That's my favourite kind!"
Since I returned from my hiatus, I have issued a challenge to myself to try to diversify my writing a bit and to force myself to break out of my comfort zone.  Now that I have been doing it for a few months and am start...


Flying through fire

Posted by WittyRaven in Songs from a Witty Raven, 12 May 2015 - - - - - - · 103 views
inspiration, home, useless, power and 1 more...

*Flies around a burning forest*
So, I just have to get this out, I'll make it quick!
There was a fire in the complex that I live in today, this morning. My entire kitchen is gone and my bedroom is full of soot. So now I have been relocated to my parents' place. 
I have been up since 4 am and now at midnight I am pretty tired from everyt...


HPFF and writing <3

Posted by Infinityx in Infinityx's Blog, 09 May 2015 - - - - - - · 210 views

Before I get started, I want to apologize in advance for how all-over-the-place this post is going to be. My thoughts have been quite weird these days so be prepared bear with the unorganized manner of everything. :p
I'm not sure why I thought of writing this. Maybe it's because people are opening up here about their problems, maybe it's because I'...


a return (of sorts)

Posted by apondinabluebox in a blog in a blue box, 07 May 2015 - - - - - - · 252 views

PSA: This blog discusses depression and anxiety. If those are triggers or sensitive topics for you, please click the back button :hug:

I've been thinking about writing this blog for a while, but I didn't have the courage to, until Branwen posted her blog and it made me ask myself, what's the worst that'll come from posting a blog? [s]That HPFF mig...


Depression is the worst.

Posted by Beeezie in Branwen's Hall of Mirrors (or something), 07 May 2015 - - - - - - · 261 views
bipolar disorder is the worst and 1 more...

This post is basically me talking about depression being terrible. If this might trigger you, please click back! And also, lots of :hug: :hug: :hug:


So I've kind of wavered about posting anything like this for awhile. Like, for years, even. Because I don't want to be a downer on HPFF, where I try to go to escape.

I don't k...


The Snorkack Unmasked

Posted by Crumple-Horned Snorkack in Tea with Nessie, 06 May 2015 - - - - - - · 356 views

Friends, Romans, Tanyas,

Greetings from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack!

Despite my tendency to hide in the northern woods far away from all humans, particularly the Lovegoods, I have recently developed the ability to camouflage with the HPFF Archive and have thus made brief excursions out of the forest and crept into your stories, leaving reviews here and...

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