Frequently Asked Questions.


1: I didn`t receive my password.
2: It's been nearly 2 hours since I posted my story. Where is it?
3: I cant log in, the password doesn`t work. The page just refreshes.
4: How do I write a story?
5: I was typing my story and was told I was not logged in, my story has gone.
6: How do I put italic, bold text etc. in my story?
7: How do I put graphics in my story?
8: I continually get logged out of pages, my password wont be accepted and the server is really slow, whats going on?
9: I see a “tag not permitted” message in my summary. What’s going on?
10. How do I add a story to my favorites?
11. I'm searching for a story, but I don't know how to find it.
12. I`ve finished my story, how do I add it to the completed story section?

1: The main cause of not receiving a password is an AOL email account. If you are using an AOL account, please add 'noreply[at]' and 'support[at]' to your email list. These two addresses are used to send mail from the site regarding your account. The majority of passwords are usually sent within 30 minutes, but this will vary depending on how busy the site is and your email host. Please allow a minimum of 24 hrs before contacting us for a replacement password. Also note that emails that come from the site may get sorted into “junk” or “spam” folders.

2: We receive approximately 500 submissions per day. These all have to be checked for suitability for the site. Usually a story will be validated and on the site within 24 hours. Unfortunately there are times when it could take a little longer. If your story has not been posted within 3 days and you have not received a mail from us, please contact us using the links on the main page. The first chapter of your story will not appear on the recently added list until it has been validated. When you post subsequent chapters of that same story, the story will then appear on the recently added page but the brand new chapter will not. The new chapter will be sorted into the validating queue and will appear on the site with the rest of your story pending approval.

3: All passwords are case sensitive. Please type them in EXACTLY as they were given to you in your contact mail. If the page seems to just refresh itself, please try the following:

Try hitting the "back" button on your browser. The "User Account Page" should show up after you've logged in.Check your caps lock key. The passwords ARE case-sensitive. Try to copy and paste the password from the email directly into the log in box.Does this work? If not, it could possibly be your browser settings. If you are using Internet Explorer, go to the Tools tab, scroll down to Internet Options, and left click it. Click on the tab that says "Privacy". Your cookies must be set at "Low" in order to properly log in. If you have applied SP2 to your PC, please note the following. It seems that manually adding the following sites to your "allow" list is correcting the problem.Click "Tools" on your toolbar and scroll down to "Internet Options" and click on it. Then click on Privacy," then on "Sites." Then type in and select "Allow" and type in and select "Allow" again. Then click "Apply." Close out Internet Explorer and then reopen it. Thanks to Kay for providing the information.The site also experiences log in problems with Macintosh computers. If you are using MacIE or Safari and you are unable to log in, try downloading FireFox at this address:

If you attempt to log in and it tells you that “That password doesn't match the one in our database. Please try again or retrieve a new password if you can't remember yours,” attempt to send off for a new password using the email you first registered your account with (please note that emails from the site frequently get sorted into junk folders) If it tells you “That address doesn't appear to be in our database. Please try again,” your account is for some reason no longer in our database.

4: After you log in, you should see a "User Account Page." From there, you can "Add New Story" . The 'help' link at the top of the page will give you a guide to functions.

5: You will be logged out of the site after a period of time. If you are manually typing a story into the 'story box' it may be lost. Please always use an editor such as notepad to write your story and then cut and paste it to the box. Always make a backup of your story.

6: HTML code can be inserted into your stories, using the following codes:
<i>Italicized text here</i>
<b>bolded text here</b>
<center>centered text here</center>
<u>underlined text here</u>.
It is imperative that you close your formatting tags. If you put <i> at the very beginning of your story to emphasize a line and do not put </i> at the end of the line you want emphasized, the rest of your story from that point on will be in italics.

7: Images can be placed in stories using the following code: <img src="url of image here">. Please remember the following limits when using an image. Banners in summaries will be no more than700x110 pixels and images within individual chapters will be no more than 380x300 pixels. Images will be rated 'G' and will not be offensive. They must not be used for linking or advertising.

8: 9 times out of 10 this problem can be fixed (on machines running windows) by running a program called disk cleanup. To find it go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools then click on Disk Cleanup.This program will scan your computer for old files that it no longer reuires, temporary date files and temporary internet files. Now why does this help you ask? Well the default setting for modern computers allows them to store up to 400 MB of temporary internet files. Now for those not good with computers, that is a LOT. Your computer has to sift through this when performing internet tasks and as a result it gets confused (to put it simply).So now that you've let the program run its scan (which can take up to 20 minutes so be patient) it will open a small window listing the files it has found. Tick all the check boxes and then click the Ok button. This will remove those old files for you.Once this is done you should notice that you computer responds faster (especially on the internet) and will not come up with errors. However you will no longer be logged into any websites so you will have to do this all again. Personally i recommend running this once a fortnight to keep your computer clean. You'd be surprised the difference it will make.

9: The ability to use certain formatting tags has been removed from summaries. <font color>, <hr>, <b>, <a>, <marquee>, and <i> are no longer allowed and attempting to use them will result in a red <tag not permitted> message.

10: You must be logged in to add a story to your favorites. Once you're logged in, click the story you wish to add. If the story has more than one chapter, just open any chapter. Down at the bottom of the page, just above the review box on the left hand side is a link that says "add to favorites."

11: Our search feature can be found at the top of the site between the "help" and "register" links. You can search for an author by their penname, a story by it's title, or for certain keywords. You can also search for completed stories by checking the "completed" box.If you are looking for a story that you had been reading but can not remember the title or the author, try posting a topic in the "help wanted" section of the forums. The forums get a rather high volume of traffic so it is possible someone will know of your specific story.

12: To Transfer a fic to the Complete category
Step One: Go into Your Account
Step Two: Edit/Delete --Chapter One (of the fic in question)
Step Three: Go down to the bottom and select 'Preview'
Step Four: Change the Category to Complete
Step Five: Go down to the bottom and click 'Add'