Fan fiction. Fiction written by a fan of the Harry Potter Books (or others eg LOTR). Based around original characters and locations from the books.

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Admin Short for Administrator.. Administrators maintain and run the website and/or chat and messageboards.

Adult A story with themes for older readers. May be inappropriate for children.

Age Statement A statement that the person is old enough to view the story.

Alt See Alternative.

Alternative Different from the norm.

Alternative History Alternative history fan fiction changes the original path of the book. An example of this is Harry meeting his parents..

Alternative Timeline A piece that breaks off rom a specific point of time.

Alternate Universe A piece that changes the original settings. An example is a story in which Lily and James Pottter had never died.

Altfic See Alternative.

A/N See Author Notes

AN See Author Notes.

Angst A piece that deals with raw emotions, anxiety fear and worry.

Antishippers Fans who are opposed to a certain relationship. Eg. Harry and Hermione

Archive (1) An Internet storage site for fan fictions. An example being our own Archive!!
Archive (2) The act of archiving a story.

Archivist A person who updates and maintains an archive. (Me!!)

AU Stands for Alternative Universe. See Alternative Universe.

Author fic A story based around authors. It may take place in the world of HP

Author Notes A brief explanation or information, before or after a story by the author.


Beta (1): Same as Beta reader. See Beta reader.
Beta (2): The act of beta reading.

Beta reader A person who checks over a story for an author. They will normally check on the grammar, spelling and general setup of the story.

Beta Version A first/rough draft of a story.


Canon Established history and characterizations of the book. For Harry Potter fans, the books written by J.K. Rowling are canon.

Challenge An idea given out by a reader that sets a plotline or idea for a story. Sometimes used in competition.

Challenge fic A piece that answers a Challenge. See Challenge.

Chara Is short for character.

Character Codes Letters in the Header Info of a story that alerts the reader as to who the piece is about. eg. H/H(Harry/Hermione), D/H(Draco/Hermione)

Cliché An over used plot , or description can be described as Clichéd.

Collaboration A story produced by several authors joining together.

Copyright The exclusive right of an author to their material.

Crackfic Term used for a fanfic with the characters in a setting not from the books, or an entirely new cast of characters in the book setting.

Criticism Critical comments and feedback about a story.

Cross over A piece that involves characters and or locations from more than one fandom. An example would be a story featuring Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings characters.


Dark A piece of fan fiction that is depressing, sad or unpleasant.

Disclaimer Usually found in the header to a story.Usually stating that the characters etc.belong to JK Rowling.

Draft (Rough Draft) A first unedited versionof the story.


Editor The person that checks a piece before it is posted.

Epic A long drawn out story.


Fandom The world revolving around HP fanfiction.

Fan Fic Abreviation for Fan Fiction. See Fan Fiction.

Fanficcer A writer of fan fic stories.

Fan fiction Fiction written by a fan of the Harry Potter Books (or others eg LOTR). Based around original characters and locations from the books.

Fanon A story, pairing, or situation that does not follow the canon.

FAQ`s Frequently Asked Questions.

FB Stands for feedback. See Feedback.

Feedback Comments by a reader of a story for the author. There are generally four types of feedback: Praise, constructive feedback, criticism and flames.

Femmeslash . This term is used to signify a female/female (f/f) romantic or sexual pairing.

Fic Another term for Fan Fiction. See Fan Fiction.

Ficcer A writer of fan fic stories.

First Draft The first and unedited version of a story.

Flame An insulting and rude comment often containing profanity aimed at a story or author.

Fluff A light, happy piece. Will not stretch the reader.


Gary Stu Is a male Mary Sue. See Mary Sue.

General A story with a general theme. Not specific, eg. Romance or Angst are not General.


Header Info Information at the top of a story that informs the reader about the story, author or just gives details. Our header info shows ratings, characters and warnings for example.

Het Stands for heterosexual. Attracted to the opposite sex. A hetfic may be Harry and Ginny falling in love.


IC Stands for In Character. In Character means the characters behave in a fashion that agrees with canon behavior.

Index A list of stories and links to the stories.

Interactive story A story in which the characters will interact with the readers. Or the author will ask for input through the story.



Kleenex Warning A warning by authors that the story is going to be be sad...Get the Kleenex ready


Love/Hate A story type where the characters start out hating each other and end up loving eachother.

Lurker A person who belongs to a discussion group or forum but does not participate.


Mailing List An e-mail list of users or authors.. .
Marty Stu A male version of Mary Sue. See Mary Sue.

Mary Sue A character that is seen as perfect and has a tendency to be great at everything. Generally not considered a good character.

Mod Mod is short for Moderator. See Moderator.

Moderator Performs much the same job as an Adminstrator. See Administrator.

MWPP Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs. Astory labeled MWPP deals with the the time period when Harry Potter's parents were attending Hogwarts.


Netiquette A code of conduct or acceptable behavior on the Internet.

NEW 'NEW' is put into header info to signal to a reader that the piece is new.

Newbie or 'Noob': A new fan fiction writer, or a new user to a forum or messageboard.


OC Original character. A character created by the author and not found in the books. May also be used as Other Character.

OFC Stands for Original Female Character. A character not taken from the book or other fanfiction.

OMC Stands for Original Male Character. ( as above)

One shot A one-shot story is a short piece of work, generally a single moment in time, that is completed in no more than one chapter.

OOC Stands for Out Of Character. Not what you would expect from the character.


Pairing A combination of any two characters.

Pairing Codes Letters in the header of a story to inform the reader who the main characters are Eg..H/H, H/G, R/H

Parody A story that imitates somebody's style in a humorous way. A spoof, mockery or take off of a story.

Plagiarise To copy another authors work and pass it off as your own.

POV Point of view. A story or section of it that may be shown directly from a certain character`s point of view.

Plot bunny A story idea.

Prequel A story that takes place before events in the book.

PWP Plot, What Plot? Indicates lack of a plot, often mature content.



Rating A way to tell reader what reading level the themes are appropriate for. Our ratings are based on American Film Ratings. These ratings consist of the following: G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. More information on ratings can be found at our terms of service page.

Regular A person who is a well known user of the site..

Review An opinion of a story left by a reader..

Round Robin A story that is started by an author who then invites others to add a chapter to it.

R/R Read/Review.


Sequel A story that takes place after events in the book/s.

Shipper A reader who supports a particular relationship pairing above all others. They are usually fanatical about their particular favourite. eg. H/G shippers are fans of Harry and Ginny stories.

Shipperfic A story that is based around a particular relationship.

Slash A story involving a theme concerning same sex characters.

Slashy A story that will touch on aspects of same sex relationships.

Songfic Song fan fiction. A story that is based around or inspired by the lyrics of a song. See our Archive for examples.

Spoiler Information from the books which you may not know and which may spoil your reading of them.

Spoiler Warning A note that the story may contain info from one of the HP books which may spoil it for you if you haven`t read them

Story Challenge See Challenge.

Story Header See Header Info.

Summary A brief outline of the story.


Teaser A small part of a story, posted to get readers interested in the story in advance. An example being the snippets released at the announcement of the release date of Book 5



Validater A member of the staff that previews stories to make sure they are in compliance with the site`s TOS.


WAFF Warm and Fuzzy Feelings. A WAFF piece is light and happy and leaves the reader feeling happy and warm.

WIP Work in Progress. A story still being worked on.





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